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We Eleven Eagle Logistics PVT LTD introduce ourselves as one of the leading SOC/NVOCC/Freight forwarding/Liner agency/Shipping Company in Bangladesh having branches associates all over Bangladesh like Chittagong and Khulna
With the latest infrastructures available with us, we meet the clients' needs. We are a Government registered Private limited company with a high level of honesty/professionalism/experience.
Our main shipping related Services are:-
  1. SOC/COC operators
  2. Consol LCL cargo to worldwide destination
  3. De-Consol LCL cargo and arrange smooth delivery of cargo from all over the World.
  4. Freight forwarding on FCL/LCL
  5. Break-Bulk operations/bookings
  6. Project Cargo
  7. Vessel Operators
  8. Containers buying and selling (used/new) Please visit our web pages
  9. NVOCC
  10. Total logistics/DOOR TO DOOR
We are mainly concentrating on offering a total logistics solution for importers and exporters, meeting the latest requirements of clients like "DOOR/DOOR service under one roof.
This is possible with us due to the fact that we provide the services of Customs clearing and forwarding / Transport / Warehousing / Packing / Stevedoring, etc.
We do our personalized service to have our valuable clients' satisfaction than our profit. Our system of reporting is updated with the latest communications infrastructure/equipments. We keep track of our clients' cargoes from the origin till the final destination/door. We have our branches and associated offices all over Bangladesh.

1. Shipper's Own Container (SOC)
Eleven Eagle Logistics Ltd provides Shipper owned containers. Our team is extensively trained in shipping the SOC boxes, and we provide only quality shipper owned containers because we know that there is a great demand for a great shipping service provider.
We operate with our own license with port and customs for SOC:-
We offer our uninterrupted service to the SOC operators in Chittagong Port for safe receiving/manifesting/issue delivery order / storing in safe custody and prompt re-exporting of the same as per the instructions given by the owner of the container or the importer or the shipper himself. To facilitate this service, our company is registered with customs/port and having a special license to handle SOC / COC in the port of Chittagong.
We are specialized in handling SOC special equipment in Chittagong port and for this, we do all the procedures as required by the local authority and we do re-exporting of the same as per the instructions of the principles. With our shipper owned containers, we take responsibility for ensuring that all licenses and paperwork are in order and stay with your shipment until the consignee has accepted it. The quality of our shipper owned containers is based on the quality of work of each personnel in our team.
2. Carrier Own Container (COC)
We have a very close tie up / rapport with all major COC operators le, the main liners freight for worldwide destinations. With this privilege, we meet the requirements nominations. carriers யாம type of containers with the best ocean of our clients like importers exporters/principals for their
We have our own special team to concentrate mainly for CDC/project cargo
If you are looking for a good/reliable company for your important cargo on ocean shipping requirements, you can readily trust Eleven Eagle containers (COC) any type of containers
We have a special system for reporting /tracking the containers from the origin of loading the same system of reporting will ensure the whereabouts of the cargo. We have skilled staff for reporting the status of the cargo tracking stage by stage till the final destinations.

We have ample of years experience in break bulk operations of all type of cargo vessels / ships. We are specialized in Bangladesh to handle all type of cargo like fertilizer, Wheat, Rice, Sugar etc.
We accept all types to any destination in the world. For smooth exports / faster transit time and for best freight rate we have space from all ship owners calling Chittagong ports we do regular break bulk granite exports to all destinations in China.
We manifest and effect smooth delivery of break bulk cargo consigned to the respective importers through our agency network.
We do accept to handle any type of cargo import or export in break bulk to / from Chittagong.
We effect the above services in a better way, we have our own license with port and customs.

Container sales
We as Eleven Eagle Logistics Pvt. Ltd are involved in container buying and selling for the past decade. We are interested to buy and sell any type of containers in Chittagong.
In general, in India container buying and selling activities are only one type, 'International Export purpose'.
Exports Purpose:
The containers are being bought in Chittagong for reusing the same with the export cargo or reposition as empty to various destination as per the buyer's wish. In this aspect once the containers are sent back to any such destination, the customs formalities should be completed by the shipping company who have filed the manifest for the container when landed.
We as Eleven Eagle will offer such services for our clients who are in need of containers for re-exports.
We as a NVOCC sign contracts with Shipping Lines to guarantee the shipment of a certain number of units each year. In return, the Shipping Line offers favorable service with the best ocean freight rates to the NVOCC.
Commonly referred to as the provision of sea freight forwarding; without operating one's own vessel. Eleven Eagle Shipping Services Pvt ltd., functions as an international freight forwarder with a worldwide network, serving all types of logistics requirements by representing reputable cargo carriers worldwide offering competitive and cost-efficient solutions.

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Whether you are building a manufacturing plant, mining or drilling the earth, you will need to procure logistics transportation service to manage your cargo movement. The services include freight management, cargo handling and cargo moving from origin to your final site location. The most important point in logistic service is that the delivery time should meet your project schedule. Your mistake in choosing a logistics service company may result in project delay and significant loss.
Eleven Eagle Logistics Pvt. can help you achieve success. Large project logistics management and procurement services are what we do best. We work closely with your purchasing team to make sure that everything is according to your schedule. Our process begins when the purchase orders are issued and involves moving cargo of all sizes and dimensions from anywhere in the world to your final site location. We provide aggressive expediting - necessary for our logistics success - at no extra charge. With us, you can anticipate unforeseen circumstances and changing needs of your project. We can also give creative solutions and the fastest possible response for your inquiries.
Eleven Eagle Logistics Pvt. has the experience in complex logistical challenges you are looking for and can help you analyze important project requirements. We will work closely with you so that all goods will be carefully transported. Our success in handling logistical challenges in the industry lies on our relationships and open communication with clients so that we can provide a successful project experience.
Most of our clients are from the oil & gas industry. We have moved tonnage of used machines, used drilling rigs and equipment to/from Chittagong to global destination. Our knowledge of infrastructures in Chittagong port will speed up cargo handling process. There is no delay due to lack of handling equipment. Our close relationship with vessel owners has enabled us to find the right vessel for your cargo movement at the right time as quickly as possible.
  • Trusted & reliable partner
  • Excellent relationship with project forwarders, & local authorities
  • Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated team
  • Expertise to handle any kind of project cargoes
  • Long association with leading EPC & project management companies
  • Expertise in route planning, mobilization of equipment & safe delivery to site
  • Commitment to excellence through quality, efficiency & safety
  • Providing the most reliable communication for optimized project control
  • Usage of effective IT tools for project cargo control
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Transport Team Express Group (TTX Group) is the trade name of TRANSPORT TEAM WORLDWIDE LTD. The company founded in the year 2002 in Bangladesh as international freight forwarder.
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